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Business Internet Connection | Business Broadband NZ | Vocus
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Business grade connection to internet offer cost-effective solution for fast, reliable and high speed internet. Expand your bandwidth capabilities to suit your business applications.

We offer business grade internet and standard internet for your business. Browse our internet plans for Internet Express, Business Broadband & more.

Internet Express

Fast, reliable and uncapped. Vocus Internet Express is uncontended - designed for businesses who truly value high performance. It's reliable bandwidth at maximum speed. 

  • No sharing 
  • No congestion 
  • Just pure internet at a great price.

Business Internet

Reliable, high-speed, business-grade connectivity to the internet, with a choice of contention ratios. 

Choose Vocus Business Internet when your business needs to send and receive large amounts of data, conduct video conferences, stream video, run web-based applications and connect to cloud services.

Business Broadband

Straightforward internet connectivity for small and growing businesses. Browse our range of unlimited plans available over fibre, VDSL and ADSL connections.

Or, choose a great value Vocus Business Bundle to combine your internet with business lines and calling.


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IP Transit

Get closer to the content your customers want: proximity matters when it comes to physical networks. So at Vocus, we’ve designed ours to offer the most direct routes to content that New Zealanders want.

We manage our global IP Transit network from end to end, without anyone getting in our way.

Vocus has partnered with Microsoft Azure Peering Service to deliver a premium, high-performance connection to your Azure SaaS applications. Click here to find out more about Microsoft Peering and Vocus.

DDoS Protection

The threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is increasing by the day. We can filter out known DDoS attacks before they even reach your network. 

Our ongoing investment in detection and protection ensures your network is always up and running, even when under attack.