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Vocus DDoS Protection | Vocus NZ
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Arm your network against DDoS attacks with Vocus DDoS Protection.

Arm your network against DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are on the rise, with Vocus DDoS protection, you can rest assured that you are covered against malicious cyber threats. Any known DDoS attacks will be filtered before they even reach your network.

DDoS Protection services can be easily managed via our Flex customer portal. With its intuitive, modern interface, your team members can configure host detection rules to respond and mitigate DDOS attacks in real time in an easy, efficient way.


Why Vocus DDoS Protection


To filter out known attacks before they even reach your network we deliver real-time shields-up DDoS monitoring and mitigation. Our ongoing investment in detection and protection ensures your network is always up and running, even when under attack.


Easily set and modify your controls as your network traffic and characteristics change.


Configure controls for over 35 misuse types to monitor your network in a precise manner.

Fully digital

Set controls, analyse alerts, and trigger mitigation via the easy-to-use Vocus Flex portal.

Integrated into your Vocus Internet Service

The service is enabled on your Vocus Internet service. No need to do any additional integration work.

Backed by a world-class team

Our DDoS protection services are backed by our NZ based network security experts who assist you with mitigation of attacks. Vocus also provides audit services to ensure your controls are tuned to your network characteristics and traffic.

Continuously evolving DDoS protection platform

By virtue of using the same platform to protect Vocus network, we continuously invest and evolve it to detect and mitigate large and small attacks on a regular basis.

Choose your level of protection

Standard DDoS Protection Standard DDoS Protection

Network wide protection — any known largescale volumetric DDoS attacks will be filtered before they even reach your network. By default, Standard DDoS Protection is included at no additional cost with all Vocus Internet products.

Advanced DDoS Detect Advanced DDoS Detect

The next level of protection — DDoS events are detected based on configurable rules in order to take mitigation actions. DDoS Detect gives you greater insight into your Internet service, including traffic reporting, DDoS event history and the ability to manage alerts and notifications. In addition, our customers may request per incident mitigation of DDoS attacks.

Advanced DDoS Protect Advanced DDoS Protect

The premium level of DDoS support, focused on providing automatic detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks. DDoS Protect ensures Vocus Internet customers enjoy the performance for which the Vocus network is renowned, while providing visibility and control over the events that would simply be called a service outage in other networks.