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Business and Government Cloud Storage and Recovery Solutions | Vocus NZ Internet Networking Solutions
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Vocus DataHub delivers a cost-effective, New Zealand based data Storage-as-a-Service solution from which data can be retrieved back to the premises or to any cloud at any time.

DataHub. New Zealand based Storage-as-a-Service


The right decision for those after data provenance, scalability, and security.

Vocus DataHub delivers a cost-effective, New Zealand based Storage-as-a-Service solution.  Data can be easily retrieved to the premise or to any internet connected location on-demand.


Why Vocus DataHub?


Business data has value. To leverage that value, organisations need access to their data 24/7. Analytics, AI, deep learning & machine learning requires access to large data sets at any time.

DataHub delivers a highly scalable, resilient long-term data repository. All data is stored on-shore in the Vocus Albany datacentre meeting local data sovereignty and provenance obligations.

Capacity on-demand

Pay for what you use and scale usage on-demand to meet changing requirements.


Protected and Secure

An immutable backup option ensures data is protected against overwrite, corruption, malware, or malicious or accidental data deletion, limiting the impact of ransomware attacks.

Meet data compliance regulations and ensure provably accurate copies of historical data are retained.

Data is available immediately

Access analytics and large data datasets in seconds via a dedicated point-to-point connection or over the Internet.


No jurisdictional or provenance risk

Data is stored in New Zealand and doesn’t need to leave the country. Equipment is manufactured in the US with a full audit trail. 

Simple and low cost

Pay a simple monthly Gigabyte cost with no other charges or penalties.

Multi-Region Support - coming 2022

Geo-redundant storage for even greater resiliency.