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Microsoft Azure Peering Service

Enjoy premium internet connectivity to Microsoft SaaS services using the Microsoft Azure Peering Service and Vocus.

Connect to Microsoft SaaS services with the only network provider in New Zealand to host the Microsoft Point-of-Presence in our Data Centre. 


Why Choose Vocus? 

  • Vocus is a Tier 1 provider, removing the need to leave our network to reach Microsoft Azure
  • Our multiple interconnects to Microsoft provide high-reliability 
  • Secured with DDoS protection, your information is safe with us
  • Our high-performance internet delivers a fast, stable connection for all of your business needs 

When your business depends on Microsoft SaaS services, you need internet connectivity with reliability, performance, and monitoring. Vocus IP Transit with Microsoft Azure Peering Service provides you with fast and consistent routing to Microsoft Cloud Services. 

Add on additional telemetry capability, providing traffic insight such as latency, throughput, and packet loss on your Microsoft traffic. 

For the best internet access to Microsoft in New Zealand, Vocus has established highly available, georedundant connectivity with the Microsoft Global Network. 

All your traffic to and from Microsoft is routed through this interconnect using BGP tags to provide optimal performance.

For more information on the Microsoft Azure Peering Service, visit the Microsoft site, here.