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NZ Government Broadband, Voice, Cloud, Data and Security provider | Vocus NZ
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Helping New Zealand government agencies connect with each other and the people of New Zealand through telecommunications services and privately owned broadband network.

Building networks for the New Zealand government since 2006

New Zealand government requires modern connectivity solutions that drive digital transformation and inclusion for all New Zealanders. Users need to be able to operate their devices and access their applications from anywhere, removing the barrier to inter-agency collaboration in a secure network that is easy to connect with.

Currently servicing over 100 government agencies, our challenger attitude and regular innovations have earned the custom of not just the country’s top enterprises and telecommunications providers, but also government agencies nationwide.


Delivering to your needs


As an experienced supplier to the government, each of our network solutions meet the performance, security and regulatory criteria that policy demands.


We will help your agency meet its objectives in a way that suits you. Talk to our expert government team today.


Fast. Reliable. Secure.

Leave your connectivity in the hand of the experts. We’ve created networks and support solutions that fit the requirements of New Zealand’s unique agencies.


With government’s focus turning to digital inclusion and transformation,  Vocus Internet can support all of your goals with a reliable, high-speed connection to the internet across over 4,200km of our privately owned fibre in New Zealand.


We have a range of voice solutions to suit your agency, no matter the size. Keep your staff connected across multiple sites, cities, or countries.


Staff are on the go more than ever, so make sure they are connected with Vocus Mobile Plans. Choose between Standalone or Share Plans for a solution that best fit for your teams needs and budget.