Building networks for the New Zealand government since 2006.

Government users require seamless delivery of services to deliver to governments key result areas. Users need to be able to operate their devices and access their applications from anywhere, removing the barrier to inter-agency collaboration in a secure network that is easy to connect with.


Currently servicing over 100 government agencies, our challenger attitude and regular innovations have earned the custom of not just the country’s top enterprises and telecommunications providers, but also government agencies nationwide.


Helping government agencies connect with each other and the people of New Zealand, Vocus TaaS services cover networking, voice and security services.


We have the expertise to create a bespoke service to suit a wide range of government agency needs. 

Delivering your needs


As an experienced supplier to the government, each of our network solutions meet the performance, security and regulatory criteria that policy demands.


We will help your agency meet it’s objectives in a way that suits you:


Working directly with numerous government agencies, we've created networks and support solutions that fit the requirements of these unique organisations.


Our presence stretches from Kaitaia to the Chatham islands, and all towns in between including every data centre in NZ and Australia.


We enable your preferred ICT integrator by providing them a network they can build your ICT services on.


Vocus is working with a number of ICT integrators serving over 80 government agencies.

Reseller Partnerships

We respect the marketplace and the strengths of its players' leading us to partner for optimal customer outcomes.


We maintain close operational relationships with a number of ICT integrators including Datacom and Dimension Data.

Vocus network map

Purpose built network

At Vocus we own and manage our network for the requirements of the future. With a purpose built network that we continue to invest in, our ownership keeps us more accountable, giving us the control necessary to consistently deliver the performance our customers expect.

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