Easier. Smarter. Better.

Easier to deal with, smarter solutions, better outcomes. Whether you're connecting to Amazon Web Services, Vocus' IaaS, or to your own offsite racks, we offer you straight forward connections to cloud-based solutions — public, private or any mix of the two (hybrid) — that help you drive your business. Our suite of products, all tethered to our carrier-grade fibre network, offers the speed, scalability and reliability that will make your investments in cloud-based services even more worthwhile.


Vocus Cloud Connect is your most direct path to AWS and Azure. Choose Vocus Cloud Connect and benefit from:

  • Strategic cost-cutting.
  • Future-proofed connectivity.
  • Bandwidth ownership.

Explore Vocus Cloud Connect and our range of Cloud provider options:

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute

Enjoy direct NZ access to Azure services in the Vocus Albany Data Centre with this Edge Location, eliminating the requirement for your traffic to first transit the Tasman.

Benefit from increased security, reliability, and speeds, with lower and more consistent latencies than typical connections over the internet. This local Vocus hosted ExpressRoute offers your organisation better control with reduced costs.


AWS Direct Connect

More responsive. Greater resilience. Improved control. Lower cost.  

Use AWS Direct Connect Via Vocus Cloud Connect to create a private connection between your organisation and your AWS infrastructure. 

Vocus data centres

Data centers: Save space and keep control.

Move your data infrastructure to a Vocus Data Centre.

Our data centres provide you with the security, flexibility and connectivity you need, while supporting you with leading SLAs, access and tools.

ISO 27001 certification at our Albany Data Centre means you have the confidence that your data is in safe hands.

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Secure your data, save space and retain control. Our network of data centres provides a secure and widely connected environment with full redundancy, for today’s most technology-focused ANZ businesses.

Backup as a service

Protect against data loss and optimise your uptime with Backup as a Service (BaaS). Vocus BaaS gives you peace of mind and the fastest possible restore times, to maximise operational uptime.

Infrastructure as a Service

Pool your compute, storage and security needs within a single cloud environment. 

With Vocus IaaS, we provide the infrastructure and server resources, while you still retain complete control of the application and operating system management.