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Vocus Voice provides MS Teams users with seamless ability to call all landlines and mobiles in NZ and Australia, directly from Teams platform.

Vocus Voice for Microsoft Teams


Unify your communications with Vocus Voice

Combine collaboration tools for a scalable and reliable approach to your business communication. 

Vocus Voice is your organisation's answer for a complete and easy collaboration tool. Vocus Voice provides Microsoft Teams users with the ability to seamlessly make calls locally or internationally, to any landline or mobile, directly from the Teams platform. 


Fulfil all your business calling needs to Microsoft Teams using Vocus' high-availability SIP Channels. Couple with either pay-as-you-go calling rates or add SIP Channels with an Unlimited Calling Pack to enjoy unparalleled market leading rates. 


"Vocus Voice helps Kiwi organisations step into the new way of working, allowing staff to connect and talk, quickly and easily, while seamlessly collaborating on projects in Microsoft Teams across geographic boundaries." - Stephen Kurzeja, Vocus CTO


Bring Teams calling into your organisation with a 30-Day Trial!


Experience the modern workplace with our 30-day trial so you can experience first-hand how your organisation can benefit from a scalable and fresh approach to your business communications. Set your business up for the future, today. Vocus terms apply.

Talk to us today to find out how. 

No expensive upgrades or add-ons

Expanding? No need to purchase any extra hardware - simply add licences as you grow. 

No unnecessary equipment

Remove the need for clunky desktop phones, now you can call from your computer using our cloud-based PBX system, with no in-house expertise needed. 

No ongoing maintenance

Leave the hard work over to Vocus and Microsoft. A high-quality, reliable experience for your organisation 24x7. 


What you need


Vocus Voice is specifically an add-on feature for users of Microsoft Teams. To use Vocus Voice, your organisation requires Microsoft Teams with either an E3 license with the Phone System add-on or an E5 license. Your Microsoft Service Provider can let you know which license is best for you. 

Everyone who has subscribed to Microsoft Office 365 and Teams and has an appropriate license will be able to receive the full benefits of Vocus Voice. 


SIP Channel and Calling Packs


Vocus Voice uses Vocus SIP Trunks to connect New Zealand organisations to the PSTN.


Vocus can streamline your ICT infrastructure and cut costs by combining your calling features with your existing internet and WAN on a single fibre circuit, providing security, reliability and scalability. 


Read more about Vocus SIP Trunks. 


Choose between our market-leading options that are designed to make Vocus Voice calling work for you. 

SIP Channel with calling pack

Place and receive calls based on the number of SIP Channels your organisation requires. 

This includes unlimited calling to New Zealand and Australian Landline and Mobiles. (Fair usage policy applies). 

SIP Channel and Standard Calling Rates

Perfect for organisations who make few external calls. 

Variable rates apply for New Zealand and Australian landlines and mobiles.