How can technology better enable a diverse future? This was the question posed to the delegates of this year’s Tertiary ICT Conference, held in Christchurch. 



Collaboration and global classrooms will enable us to create a more diverse future, claim technology leaders in the tertiary sector. They say a more diverse future will also be assisted through a culture of lifelong learning.


These are the major themes that emerged at the Tertiary ICT Conference, held 2-5 October 2018 in Christchurch. Vocus Communications creatively engaged attendees behind the conference theme “How can technology better enable a diverse future” by illustrating the ideas and opinions of CIOs, digital leaders, and ICT managers over the four-day conference.


Vocus Communications engaged illustrators, from The League of Live Illustrators, to create a visual story from the conference which evolved as attendees’ contributions were bought to life and collaborated on, in a visual story for all to see.



Illustrations from The League of Live Illustrators


Technology leaders at the conference highlighted collaboration as a vital ingredient to deliver innovation, helping to solve global problems shared by many, as well as creating global classrooms which promote learning for everyone. These leaders believe that the introduction of global classrooms will be key in developing new ideas and innovating for the betterment of the country.


Supported with a branded charging station, Vocus Communications was able to facilitate engaging and meaningful conversations from our technology leaders in the tertiary sector. “The illustrations created a point of collaboration and interest that saw delegates come back to observe progress and engage in the story, time and time again during the conference”, said Rebecca Lennon, Wellington Sales Manager for Vocus Communications.


The conference pulled leading universities, polytechnics, and technology institutes together with companies like Vocus Communications to investigate the impact that digital innovation and change is having on the tertiary sector. Topics discussed included using technology to support the development of learning, the role of technology in the short-term and long-term development of the sector, and the role that companies like Vocus Communications have in helping facilitate the changes required for the industry to succeed.


“Immersive experiences like this enable our team to stay relevant and understand the unique needs of the tertiary sector”, added Rebecca. Vocus Communications uses the outputs of this illustration, alongside discussions with thought leaders in the industry, as qualitative research inputs to help shape and direct their investments in networking solutions and services that will help deliver impactful changes for this vital sector in New Zealand.