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Business Mobile Plans | Mobile Data Plans NZ | Vocus
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View Vocus mobile plans for your business - Shared Mobile Plans and Standalone Mobile Plans. Find more information about roaming on Vocus mobile plans.

Keep things moving while on the go

As more and more of your team are working remotely, you need to do more than just keep them connected. 

With Vocus Mobile, you have the ability to track and manage your mobile fleet, optimise your plans and manage costs, completely online. 

Interested in 5G? Vocus has you covered. Talk to us about our 5G availability today.

Standalone Plans

We give you the choice of:

  • Open-term plans for the ultimate in flexibility
  • Fixed-term plans where you benefit from a phone subsidy, making it easier to keep your devices up-to-date

Click here to talk to us about our latest pricing.

Share Plans

Easily connect your entire team to a single, shared pool of data.

Our Share Plans enable you to optimise your data consumption and minimise the impact of individual data usage spikes. 

Roaming with Vocus Mobile

With roaming enabled, you can use your Vocus Mobile in over 120 destinations worldwide.

Depending on your destination, Roaming Packs can be applied to reduce costs and ensure you remain connected. These can be easily added by using our online mobile portal. 

For an overview of our Roaming Rates, Packs and Destinations, click here