Vocus TaaS

We're local and have the scale to deliver, but aren't so big that we've forgotten how to care.


Our innovative Telecommunications-as-a-Service (TaaS) services make it easy for New Zealand government agencies to benefit from TaaS services and we've even helped to reduce the risk in migrating your legacy services over.


Vocus TaaS solutions are fully managed and charged on a per-user, per-month basis – so agencies benefit from more predictable monthly charges and tend to avoid the cost, complexity and risks associated with procuring, integrating, managing and upgrading services and hardware. The as-a-Service model means agencies can also scale services quickly and cost-effectively.  

Low risk transition

We minimise the complexity and risk of your transition to TaaS in three ways:

  • Vocus Gateway; enables a low risk, staged migration to TaaS from legacy networks, to help reduce the risk that the change will impact your organisation’s operations.
  • Connected Processes; with a single, connected team dedicated to your TaaS transition, from up front consulting through to migration.
  • Local & accessible engineers; we have a team based in Wellington specifically for government agencies,

Concurrent User Model

Optimise your cost efficiencies with Vocus TaaS; you’ll only be charged for actual usage, not the full maximum usage other providers will charge you - even though organisations never have all users on a service at any one time.


Under the Vocus model, your fees per user could be significantly lower.

Connectivity Continuum

Our range of connectivity options allow you to balance cost versus performance - you’re not stuck with a one-size-fits-all model. Options include:

  • High Availability; when performance and uptime really matter
  • Low User Numbers; simplified connectivity options for sites/entities with few users and simple needs
  • Campus Connect; simple, cost-effective connectivity for entities with lots of users

Proud suppliers on the TaaS panel

TaaS is managed by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) as Lead Agency on behalf of the Government Chief Digital Officer with the aim to improve the way telecommunications services are delivered to government agencies. TaaS consists of a panel of suppliers delivering defined services; these services are designed to allow agencies to easily connect with eachother, hosted services, and with the people of New Zealand. TaaS was specifically designed to help promote collaboration across agency boundaries via a network that’s easy to connect to.

GNET connectivity

Easily connect with other sites, other agencies and cloud resources.


Vocus GNet Site Connectivity gives your organisation the benefit of more choice, and can be customised to suit the needs of your organisation, with flexibility to set unique services, performance and costs for each of your sites


In partnership with Datacom

We have proven our ability and willingness to partner, and today we have a large number of joint customers with Datacom; we work together everyday to deliver services similar to TaaS, to these customers.

Datacom offer a wealth of connectivity and security experience in the public sector, with proven competency across IaaS and DaaS.