Get started with Roaming Subscriptions

With roaming enabled, you can use your Vocus Mobile in over 120 destinations worldwide. (Global roaming is enabled by default on your mobile phone, but you can check this before heading overseas by calling our business support team on 0800 89 5000). 


We've simplified our roaming pricing so regardless what network you connect to when you arrive, the rates will remain the same. All of our Roaming Subscriptions can be purchased during or prior to travel, and will only activate on first use. Without being activated, they're valid for 1 year. Make sure to check the period of your subscription before purchasing. 


To check which countries fall into which each of the international roaming zones, check our Roaming Rates PDF.

The subscriptions below can be purchased via Vocus Central or the Vocus MyMobile portal. Note that with Roaming Subscriptions, your voice minutes are split into two categories:

  • Outgoing; the calls that you make to other numbers.
  • Incoming; the calls you choose to receive from other numbers.

Multizone Value Pack (Zones 1, 2 & 6)

1GB data
200 minutes outgoing call time
200 minutes incoming call time
200 SMS


+GST per subscription

*T&C apply

*Valid for 7 days

Multizone 1GB Data Pack (Zones 1,2 & 6)

1GB data


+GST per subscription

*T&C apply

*Valid for 7 days

Handy Tips

Check your Vocus Mobile setup before heading overseas for a streamlined experience.

When you arrive

When you turn on your mobile it should automatically select a network.


If it doesn't, you'll need to select a network manually. Check your mobile user guide for details.

Making calls and sending TXTs

When you're overseas, you need to add country codes to the beginning of all the numbers you call or TXT, including the country you're in. 

So, to call a New Zealand number, you'll replace the 0 at the beginning of all the numbers with +64 (New Zealand's country code). This means 09 929 0407 becomes +64 9 929 0407 and 027 789 654 becomes +64 27 789 654.

Checking voicemail

To call voicemail from overseas, you need to dial +64 9 280 0909 (this number is already saved as a contact on your SIM Card under 'Voicemail').


When you call your voicemail, you'll be asked to enter your mobile number and your 4-digit PIN, so please make sure you know what this is before you leave.

Problems while roaming?

If you are having any problems while you are roaming, please contact our business support team or International Roaming team:

If you don't purchase a Roaming Subscription, you need to know...

  • $10 / day, daily roaming rate applies to the first 200MB of data usage in qualifying destinations.
  • Each day period calculated from 12:00 AM NZ Time through to 23:59 NZ Time.
  • New Zealand rates do not apply when roaming.
  • The charges that apply to roaming services are in addition to any other charges which apply to your mobile plan.
  • All roaming charges are listed in New Zealand currency and do not attract GST. 
  • Charges listed for incoming and outgoing calls while roaming are charged per minute (you pay the full minute rate for each minute or part minute). 
  • Texts are charged per text (160 character limit per text message). 
  • Data roaming is charged in 10kb increments; when roaming, MMS messages are charged at the standard data roaming rate for the zone you are in 
  • To retrieve a voicemail while overseas you will be charged the standard per minute rate for an outgoing call in the zone you are in.