Vocus Fibre 4000/4000 & 2000/2000

Your reliable, high speed, business-grade connection to the internet. 


Leveraging Chorus Hyperfibre access, these business-grade plans provide a cost-effective internet solution for any organisation. Expand your network capabilities to suit bandwidth-intensive applications such as cloud access, storage, backup, and video streaming. 


  • Superfast, symmetrical bandwidth
  • Unlimited data
  • Cost-effective 
  • Choice of speeds
  • Low contention ratio


Choose between 4000Mb/s or 2000Mb/s symetrical plans. 

Our symmetrical plans provide your organisation with exactly what it needs to deliver its critical information, exactly when it's needed, 24x7. 



Currently available in Central Otago, the service is rolling out across New Zealand this year, with the majority of the country expected to have this service by September 2020. 

  • Arrival in Wellington: March 2020
  • Arrival in Invercargill: April 2020
  • Arrival in Auckland: May 2020
  • Arrival in Palmerston North: June 2020


Want to know if Fibre 4000 is right for your organisation? 

Get Better Connected.

Please be aware that this technology is very new, and some businesses might not have the correct equipment, capable of delivering these speeds, so some upgrades will probably need to be made. Don’t worry, though, we’ll talk you and your IT team through it all and make it easy.


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