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Business Fibre Internet Plans | Fibre Providers NZ| Vocus NZ | Vocus Hyperfibre
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Business grade connection to internet offer cost-effective solution for fast, reliable and high speed internet. Expand your bandwidth capabilities to suit your business applications.

When speed is what matters most


Hyperfibre is the next generation of fibre, increasing capacity and unlocking exponential upload and download speeds. It will enable new technologies and experiences, fundamentally changing the possibilities for how we live, work and innovate. Hyperfibre delivers instantaneous sharing of large data files and introduces a platform that will revolutionise digital business models and empower a new era of highly-connected innovation.


Vocus Fibre 4000/4000 & 2000/2000


Your reliable, high speed, business-grade connection to the internet. 

Leveraging Chorus Hyperfibre access, these business-grade plans provide a cost-effective internet solution for any organisation. Expand your network capabilities to suit bandwidth-intensive applications such as cloud access, storage, backup, and video streaming.


  • Superfast, symmetrical bandwidth
  • Unlimited data
  • Cost-effective 
  • Choice of speeds
  • Low contention ratio


Choose between 4000Mb/s or 2000Mb/s symetrical plans. 

Our symmetrical plans provide your organisation with exactly what it needs to deliver its critical information, exactly when it's needed, 24x7. 


Currently being rolled out across the country, Hyperfibre will soon be available to all businesses on the Chorus UFB 1 network. 

Check the Hypefribre site to see when Hyperfibre will be available for your business, here