The Lines Company

The Lines Company

The Lines Company owns and operates the electricity distribution network that provides power for the people of the King Country region of the central North Island. 


As part of a total business review, Vocus Communications delivered The Lines Company an annual cost saving of more than half the previous telecommunications solution, equating to hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings per annum.

The Challenge

Andy Simpson, Head of Information Technology for The Lines Company, says the change of telco provider was included as part of a whole of technology transformation programme and the result has been a major step forward for the business. “As a company we had not reviewed our services and vendor for over five years, so our previous solution was found to be poor value for money and outdated.” To meet this challenge The Lines Company undertook a comprehensive telecommunications review, alongside a replacement firewall program of work.


Why Vocus Communications? Simpson says a key part of the Vocus Communications service was its approach and support through the transition period, a key obstacle for most businesses looking to review their telecommunications providers. “Vocus Communications is market leading in terms of price, which is always critical, but they have been the easiest and most responsive to work with, which truly sets them apart.”

The Solution

Vocus Communications proposed a modern whole of business solution with improved billing, reporting, and visibility. Changing networks was only part of the total solution with a managed WAN, SIP, phone lines, ADSL, dedicated business internet, and mobile. 


“Most critical to The Lines Company is the internet and SIP services to our two main data centre locations. We have significantly increased our network speed and reduced latency whilst providing a better quality of service to our remote depot locations,” says Simpson. “We have redundancy for both internet and SIP phone lines between our sites which allows for a failure to our primary fibre without users even knowing.”


Vocus Communications also identified the need to upgrade The Lines Company current handset technology and included a replacement handset subsidy as part of the overall solution.

The Result

Simpson underlines the importance to regularly review your telecommunications services.


“The telco landscape changes quickly, as does the pricing. I believe it’s important to work with suppliers like Vocus Communications, otherwise you are not doing your organisation justice when the performance upside and cost savings can be so substantial.”


Besides the upgrade in network and service performance, Vocus Communications has delivered The Lines Company an annual cost saving of more than half their previous telecommunications solution, equating to hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings per annum.


Project Managed Transition

Vocus Communications included project management as part of the changeover, working closely with The Lines Company and to ensure a smooth and on-time implementation plan.

“Vocus Communications' competitive advantage is that it’s service and products compete favourably against the larger telecommunications suppliers, but the company has the engagement model of a smaller more flexible organisation. It is this combination that makes them an extremely valuable partner to our business.”

"Access to staff and technical services is half the time when compared to dealing with other vendors and we have found the answers to our questions have been addressed on the day or hour, a large improvement over our previous service experience."

Andy Simpson, Head of IT





*Services were originally provided to The Lines Company by CallPlus Services Limited, which rebranded to Vocus Communications in July 2017.