Your racks are in a better place.

Free up some office space and increase capacity—without losing control of your infrastructure.

It can be downright dangerous to keep it all under one roof. Especially when you’ve got secure data centres and an affordable, high-performance fibre network that make it feel like your applications are right next door.

In New Zealand’s busy CBDs, space, power, cooling, environmental protections and reliable security don’t come cheap. Often, there’s simply not enough power or cooling capacity at your current building (or data centre) to meet your expanding business needs. In other situations, you might want to isolate your hot servers from your staff to improve their safety and comfort. Or, you might not have the resources on hand to meet local security standards or achieve your desired environmental ratings on your own premises.

There are countless reasons why you might consider moving your IT infrastructure offsite. At Vocus, we help you make that move seamlessly and affordably—without losing the accessibility, control or local performance of your vital infrastructure. We can also provide you with a reliable way to connect into our data centres with our Data Centre Connect solution. 

If you’re ready to learn more about how Vocus can help you relocate your critical infrastructure, give us a call (0800 VOCUSNZ) or fill out the form below.


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