Collaborate with a more reliable network.


An IP WAN from Vocus connects more than just your people; our managed service also converges key applications, such as video conferencing or voice.


How can your business benefit from Vocus IP WAN?

Let us worry about the network.

We don’t just design your solution, you can also rely on us to manage your WAN, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Make it yours.

Your wide area network needs to work in all the places where your team works. That’s why our IP WAN is a truly flexible offering that fits the evolving geographical and performance needs of your own business.

Set yourself up for growth.

We believe your network infrastructure should help you grow, not limit your expansion. When you want to grow, we’ll extend your existing network where you need it.

Future proofing comes standard.

As you move more of your workloads into one of the many hybrid cloud environments available, IP WAN has the right architecture to support it.

Bundle convenience.

With IP WAN, you can easily extend added features across your entire network without creating a bottleneck at your head office. For instance, all your WAN sites can share a centralised firewall or Internet plan.

Enjoy the security and privacy of a LAN, only further.

With IP WAN, you are provided with a discreet virtual routed network using MPLS to keep your data completely separate from the Internet.

Your choice of access.

With the bulk of the heavy lifting done across our national fibre network, you can go the last mile with any combination of access tails to suit your location and speed requirement.


At Vocus New Zealand, we’ve put lots of time and energy into our intercity backhaul fibre network, ensuring that it can connect you -- more reliably -- to your locations in all major cities and to all regional UFB networks in the country. By better understanding your business challenges, we help you architect your own dynamic WAN that can go wherever your business has a physical presence.

Our extended capabilities allow you to run your business the way you want. For example, you may want access to a centralised business application, share files between several offices and staff, have regular, reliable video conferencing, or connect to an IP phone system. With Vocus, your data stays on our network and does not touch the public Internet -- ensuring both the security and privacy of your and your customers’ information.

Our multi-site WAN provides data connections between two or more sites at speeds from sub 1Mbps to 10Gbps, providing the scalability and flexibility to support any type of bandwidth needs that you might have.


Vocus IP WAN is available in all major cities across New Zealand. Call us (0800 862 876) or fill out the form below to learn how Vocus IP WAN can help you move your business straightforward.


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