We deliver our internet a little bit better.

With Vocus Internet, you'll forget what "slow" feels like. 

You know all those game-changing cloud and Software-as-a-Service applications you're exploring? The ones that will transform the way your business consumes technology? Well, here's the thing: their performance is only as good as your Internet connection.
We're just as excited about the cloud revolution as you are, and we're happy to be an active supporter with our Internet options for business.
We offer a full suite of internet products, from data cap products for smaller businesses, right through to bespoke designed carrier grade internet services for large enterprises and ISPs.

With built-in protection from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, Vocus Internet is classified as premium protected connectivity utilising the best international cable systems for reliability and performance.

  • Bandwidth (per Megabit per second/Mbps)
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Aggregated billing over multiple ports
  • Integrated DDoS protection 

Whether you're a large enterprise requiring a robust carrier grade Internet service, or an ISP with the resources for IP Transit, we've got more availability on our global network than you'll ever need. 

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