We don’t think borders should limit your connectivity.

With Vocus Ethernet, you’ll get unparalleled performance across states, countries and even oceans.

What makes Vocus Ethernet services so refreshing to our customers?

Extend your local network to include interstate or international service via the Vocus optical fibre network.

Our growing intra-city fibre network already covers more than 1,300 buildings within Australia and New Zealand metro areas, but Vocus Ethernet connects you even further—giving you true end-to-end service.

100% of your committed rate. Absolutely guaranteed.

If you’re buying 100Mbps of Ethernet service, you’ll actually get the full 100Mbps without contention.

100% protection to New Zealand and the United States.

We’ve invested in extra protection, so that if an outage occurs across the Southern Cross Cable, we re-route 100% of your data across an unaffected path.

Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint? You make the call.

We offer flexible options based on the needs of your business, all while allowing you to aggregate multiple services to a single monitored port.

Accountability from Sydney to San Jose—and everywhere else we have a PoP.

Vocus controls every aspect of our Ethernet service in and out of our points of presence (PoPs) worldwide. If anything breaks, it’s completely on us—so we can fix it faster and with less red tape.

Real-time pricing to give you the edge.

If you’re a wholesale Ethernet partner, you’ll have access to our real-time quoting tool, which means you can deliver your own quotes quickly and confidently.

Solutions that simplify.

Our Data Centre Connect solution gives you a straightforward and secure point-to-point connection into your data centres or any other off-premise site. And with UFB Connect, we offer you an easier way to expand your coverage into any UFB area nationwide.


Whether you want to connect securely to your core sites across New Zealand or need speedy access to other sites around the globe, Vocus Metro, National and International Ethernet services offer great advantages for ANZ businesses.

Vocus Ethernet services are engineered to meet carrier-grade standards and are suitable for anyone who demands the highest quality and performance—from other telcos and ISPs to our more technology-dependent corporate customers.

We design our Ethernet services to support a mix of real-time applications such as video and voice, making them ideally suited for today’s converged networks. We also work hard to differentiate our Ethernet services to support your more complicated business requirements, such as high transparency to pass customer VLANs and CoS IDs, or Point-to-Multipoint solutions that allows multiple services to be aggregated to a single port.

We also offer specialised Ethernet-based solutions, Data Centre Connect and UFB Connect, that can connect you to any one of our data centres or to any UFB area in the country.


Vocus Ethernet is available across ANZ and onwards to the following global locations.

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