Defence when you need it.


The threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is increasing by the day. Our ongoing investment in detection and protection ensure your network is always up and running, even when under attack.

Drop it before it’s hot.

Our IP Transit products come standard with RTBH filtering, which allows us to drop incoming traffic before it reaches your network. And with Threat Detection System (TDS) tools monitoring all entry points on the Vocus network, that means harmful international traffic can be dropped even before it reaches our shores. Our NOC responds proactively to emerging attacks, fine-tunes, filters and routing configurations, initiates mitigation measures and assists customers needing additional support when under attack.

Choose your level of protection.

Though you’re always protected against large-scale volumetric attacks across our network, our DDoS Detect and DDoS Protect products give you greater visibility, more automated levels of protection and the ability to filter out the unwanted traffic when you’re the chosen target. For customers who wish to react and black hole attacks themselves, we offer Remote trigger black holing (RTBH) which provides an extra layer of control.

Our NOC is your NOC.

If our TDS identifies any suspicious incoming traffic, it automatically notifies customers* and our Network Operations Centre (NOC). With Vocus DDoS protection, these network experts are on your side to mitigate potential attacks on a 24/7 basis. This early detection can prevent an attack flooding your Internet connection and affecting your network.

Know when you’re under attack.

With DDoS Detect, real-time email notifications let you know when there’s a threat in your network. You’ll also get anytime access to our DDoS Portal to view your traffic reporting and DDoS event history. Our TPS appliances, deployed in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, San Jose, Singapore and Sydney, provide high performance DDoS protection with 100Gbps of scrubbing capacity, ably thwarting most DDoS attacks.

Let us go to battle for you.

Once an attack is identified, you can either request immediate mitigation or set up automated traffic scrubbing at the source.^ With more than 100G of available scrubbing capacity and a human NOC that’s prepared to respond to all situations, you’ve got our very best on the front lines.


Other network providers might call it a service outage. We prefer to tell you the truth about Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and give you the visibility to see them coming. Even better, we offer the ability to drop malicious traffic automatically, before you even know you’re under attack.

DDoS attacks are on the rise, and unfortunately, for most ISPs and enterprises, the question is not if you’ll be attacked but when. The most common attacks occur when compromised devices send overwhelming levels of traffic to a targeted server or network. These attacks can cripple your business or network, creating outages that can impact your bottom line.

We’ve invested heavily in the security of our network to make sure these attacks are stopped before they’re a problem. And with three tiers of service, you only pay for the protection you need.

* Real-time notifications are available only with DDoS Detect.
^ Automated scrubbing is available only with DDoS Protect.  Per-incident scrubbing is available with DDoS Detect and additional fees apply.


Vocus DDoS Detect and DDoS Protect are available globally for Vocus network customers. 

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