Give your core network the Vocus

the smarter choice for your most critical operations 

Some businesses—we’re not naming any names—take the more passive route when it comes to their ICT strategy. They choose one well-known provider to manage all of their ICT needs, no matter how much it costs or how much control they must forfeit.

Other more strategic businesses, however, are willing to delve deeper to find the best products in the market. They seek out network solutions they can tailor to better match the demands of each part of their business.

It’s this second group that gets the most out of working with Vocus.

We help these businesses identify the parts of their network that are super critical to their bottom line—their “crown jewels” as we like to call them—and we roll out the very best we can offer, giving them the infrastructure and support to optimise and manage their connectivity in the way that makes the most business sense.

We’re confident our core network solutions are faster, more secure, and more reliable than any one-size-fits-all managed service can provide. Think of it as a capital investment in the best core network infrastructure you can find—without all the physical work and upfront costs involved in actually laying cables in the ground.

We don’t try to be everything to every business. Instead, we commit all of our efforts to the solutions that we know we do better than any other carrier-grade network provider in New Zealand —so that we can keep doing them better for those who rely on us.

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