Backup As A Service

Protect against data loss and optimise uptime with Backup As A Service (BaaS).

Vocus BaaS enables businesses to backup data and servers to the Vocus Cloud – so you can restore important business data when you need it. BaaS gives businesses peace of mind and the fastest possible restore times, to maximise their uptime.


Quick & Easy Setup

Total, out-of-the box solution means there is no time wasted and no assembly required – point and click, and you’re running.

The two options available, both based on being leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for backup and recovery software, mean a solution can be selected which best meets your business needs:

  • Veeam Cloud Connect (SME & Corporate)
  • Commvault (Enterprise)
No more painful tape backups or reliability issues

Automated backups and alerting means systems administrators are freed up, and there is no risk of people forgetting.

Your Vocus BaaS is more reliable with a higher rate of restore success than with tape backups. 

Cost effective

Because Vocus BaaS is a subscription model which is scalable to business needs, you get a cost effective opex model – you only pay for what you need and you’re billed monthly making costs easy to manage.

You can use existing internet or WAN bandwidth. And, your backups are stored offsite using Vocus infrastructure, so no infrastructure capex is required by your business.

Restore lost data faster

Being able to restore as a whole or selectively, means you get the fastest speed of restore possible, minimising your downtime due to any data losses. And because Vocus BaaS is stored in NZ, you get a faster restore than offshore options.

Highly accessible cloud backup

A copy of your data and servers is backed up to Vocus Cloud (including physical servers, virtual machines and public, private and hybrid clouds). This protects your business against data deletion or corruption, accidental or otherwise.

Secure at all times

Your backups are secure in flight over an SSL connection and at rest in the Vocus Cloud platform with enterprise-grade security.

Scalable; size, frequency, retention

You can specify how long your data is kept, suiting short term needs as well as long term data retention e.g. end of financial year, legal requirements.

You can make multiple historical copies – as far back as you choose. This means you’re able to roll back to earlier versions of data after changes have been made to live data.


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